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The Single Mama Movement was created by Clarissa, of Life with Sass, as her passionate vision to create a safe, encouraging, and inspiring community for single moms, and parents could not be denied. This was a day to connect, celebrate, and share, as she and her Movement Mamas know how difficult separation, co-parenting, and parenting on your own can be. We never want people to feel alone, so we aim to maintain a positive outlet, and a platform to link mamas and dads who share similar adversities and successes. We want people to know that they can reach out to any of us, at any time. You're not in this journey alone. 

Meet the Movement Mamas



Clarissa became a single mom in the summer of 2016, after the 3 year relationship to the father of her son, Hudson, came to an amicable close. A full-time secondary school Social Studies teacher, she resides and works in the Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam, and has her son 4-5 days per week. She began her blog, Life with Sass, the same summer she became a single mom, and is passionate about all things design, fashion, DIY, health and parenting.



Samantha has been a single mom since day one, which started back in February of 2015. After a string of bad relationships - one which lasted on-off for 2.5 years, and a random fling, she found herself on this new journey. Sam juggles raising her son while working as a freelance journalist and lifestyle blogger based out of The Fraser Valley, just outside of Vancouver, B.C. Her website/blog is about her business, single motherhood, and advocating for mental health.



Amanda is a recent divorcee. Having spent 13 years with Rian's Dad, Amanda is now focusing on her passion for her business, Bebe de Luxe, working full-time as a senior paralegal at an international law firm, and of course her number one priority is and always will be her 3 year old son. She has found light again and is newly connecting with her spirituality.



Liz married her childhood friend in 2007 and they had two wild and wonderful children together. A widow since 2012, Liz now raises Kieran and Savannah on her own, while juggling a day job at a marketing agency. She loves travel, is passionate about self-care, and blogs about it all over on The Loud Introvert.



Heydy Lopez is a lifestyle blogger based out of Vancouver, B.C. Her blog, Raising Jay and Abel, talks about all things motherhood, raising boys, and the struggles of teen parenting. At the young age of 16 she was faced with her first pregnancy and thus her journey into motherhood began. Through many ups and downs, Heydy has triumphed and is now one of the top mom bloggers of the lower mainland.


An Evening to Remember

On the gorgeous evening of August 17, the Movement Mamas came together at Blackie Spit Park in White Rock, BC. to share their stories. Clarissa, Sam, Amanda, and Liz laughed, cried, and intently listened to one another, as each have such a unique story of arriving into single-mama-hood. We invited Heydy to our evening, but later, as she is now in her "happily ever after" phase. After being a single teen parent for several years, she has now found love and has two more beautiful children with her current partner. Heydy gave us all the feels, symbolizing our next journey and everything we have to look forward to. We celebrated independence, friendship, happiness and empowerment together, knee deep in the ocean. We were, and are, so alive, and will continue to be forever grateful for this collaborative experience.


This very special evening could not have been possible without our talented duo of magicians, who were able to capture every moment so exquisitely....


  • Natalia Reardon Photography, we thank you for your inspirational art, as I know we will forever cherish these photos.
  • Alyssa Kellert Photography, we will always be touched and moved when we watch the video you effortlessly created for us.
  • Natalia Reardon, of The Venture Creative, I cannot thank you enough for collaboratively working with me to style this evening in a way that perfectly executed my exact vision.


Also, thank you to my Movement Mamas, Sam, Amanda, Liz, and Heydy, for being so vulnerable, raw, and supportive. You will each forever hold a special place in my heart and soul. Cheers to our best years that have yet to come!

Sass xo



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