Stock up on Summer Sales: Buy for Next Year!

Doesn’t it feel like summer just began? Well, the truth is, it is inevitably coming to an end. While stores are filling up with Fall and Winter merchandise, take advantage of the amazing sales on Summer items and buy things for next year.

 Some tips:

  • Never buy anything regular price. Be organized and purchase items at the end of each season for the following year.
  • Stop by or call your favourite stores to inquire about when sales start and when seasonal clearances will begin. 
  • Be sure to check out their online stores to view sale items. Check back frequently for further price reductions. You'll have more luck shopping for sale items online, as there will be more inventory and sizes to select from.
  • Some go-to major retailers that often have amazing sales: Zara, H&M, Gap, Old Navy, Nordstrom.
  • Some of you may be unsure of what sizes to buy for next year. In this case, buy a size up from what you feel your kid(s) may be wearing in a year's time. You can always shrink if necessary!
  • Buy basics! If you fill your little one's wardrobe with basic items (tees, tanks, shorts, etc) and basic, solid colours (limit prints and logos), you will feel like you have more options for outfits, as you can mix and match items to create different looks.

Not sure what to buy? Have a look below at some items that I LOVE from Zara. All items below are currently on sale. Many are reduced by 50%!!!

Zara Girls Sale Items:

Zara Boys Sale Items:

Thanks for reading!

Your kids will thank me later, 

Clarissa xo