Teen Spirit

I had another topic prepared to write about today but I couldn't pass on the opportunity to tell you about these two beauties. 

First of all, can you believe they're sisters? They're so different in nearly every way, yet so sweet, loveable, and well-rounded. (Need I even mention GORGEOUS?)

Secondly, their street style game is on point! I was quick to ask about outfit details and soon after just HAD to ask to take photos of them (mother consent, of course). Thanks to Forever21, Blue Notes, and H&M, these girls did a remarkable job at finding staple items that can be mixed & matched and re-used with various looks, all while looking cool and comfy. 

Your TEENS will thank me later, 

Clarissa xo

Model Mikayla: Aztec Crop Top: Forever21, Black Denim Shorts: H&M, Converse Shoes in black.

Model Jasmine: "Chill" Tank and Sleeveless Plaid: Forever21, Demin Cut-offs: Blue Notes, Converse Shoes in white.