Pull up Your Pants!

Photo: VonBon Apparel

Hey, all!

Short post today as I want to be as brief as possible while getting this point across.

Traditional, baggy, no-shape sweat pants NEED TO GO.

Cute, versatile, comfortable, trendy pants (harem joggers and leggings) NEED TO STAY.

If you're confused, please keep reading...



Feather Leggings: VonBon Apparel

Flamingo Leggings: Little Citizens

Grey Harem Pants: VonBon Apparel

LOL Leggings: Zara Kids

Teepee Bear Harem Joggers: The Little Moore Shop

Grey Joggers: Zara Kids

Pink XO leggings: Little Citizens

Benefits of a Trendy Pant:

1. You will essentially save money. These pants can literally be paired with every shirt, jacket, and shoe out there! More bang for your buck!

2. These pants wont drag on the ground and get dirty. The tapered style not only looks cool, it will keep your kids' pants clean.

3. You will help save the sanity of myself and many other fashion connoisseurs.

Photo: VonBon Apparel

Photo: Childish Fashion

Photo: Little Citizens  

Photo: Three Little Kings  

Photo: Three Little Kings

Your kids will thank me later,

Clarissa xo