Ditch the Sandpaper PJ's!

We recently, at home, invested in some quality sheets with a decently high thread count. Wow, what a difference! Our bed is so silky and soft now that it makes me wonder how we ever even slept before. This got me thinking about our little ones and the quality of the sleepers we put them in for bed time.... 

I have purchased inexpensive (my nice way of saying CHEAP) sleepers from chain stores, and as well, I have invested in quality, organic cotton ones. There really is no comparison. I don't feel guilty when I put my son to sleep at night if I know he's wearing the organic cotton ones. I do feel guilty if I have failed to do laundry and have to resort to putting him in sandpaper, I mean, cheap PJ's for the night. We also have a few pairs of the Carters fleece zip-ups kicking around. If your child is a furnace like mine, they aren't very practical. Do I even have to mention the fact that they pill more than the inner thighs of my sweat pants? Well, I just did. 

Here are some of the best sleepers/PJs that I have found. (I understand they may be of a higher price point but they last longer, don't pill when you wash them, they stay pristine and colour doesn't fade, as well, the comfy factor is off the charts.)

1. Little Citizens Organic Cotton Sleepers: Made in Vancouver, BC, these sleepers are on trend with patterns and have a variety of gender neutral colours to choose from. Perfect for a baby shower gift! Comfy as heck and wish they came in my size!  

Little Citizens gender neutral stars

2. Sweet Peanut Organic Cotton Sleepers and Toddler 2 Pieces: Get them shipped or find them in over 1500 retailers throughout North American, the UK, and Australia. Their sleepers have ZIPPERS (every parents' time-saving dream) and have cute colours and patterns to choose from. If you have a toddler, 2 piece PJ sets are available in these same fabrics. 

3.  Sage Creek Organics: Many patterns to choose from, including those cute, traditional baby patterned fabrics. Again, that soft, organic cotton that will be sure to have your baby zzzz-ing before you know it. 

Sage Creek duck print

You, as a parent, will also get a good night sleep knowing that your child's' pajamas weren't made in a sweat shop!

Hudson appreciating his Sweet Peanut Sleeper

Your rejuvenated kids will thank me later, 

Clarissa xo