Spring (Break) Must Haves

Are you planning a spring break vacay in the sun? If so, can I come? On a serious note, are you wondering what to buy and pack for your trip? Check out these fave essentials of mine. 

Maybe you're heading out of dodge for a holiday, but you're still curious about locally made, trendy spring goodies. Scroll and spend, and you're all set.  


Distressed Denim Shorts  



 Cute Tees

Practical Tanks


Native Shoes

  Native Shoes       

Multifunctional Plaj Towel

If you're swooning over some of these items, many of them will be in the Childish Fashion Spring Shopping Guide, including DISCOUNT CODES, which will be released SOON.

Your kids (and vacay photos) will thank me later,  

Clarissa xo