5 Things My Kid Does to Irritate the Sh!t Out of Me




I love my 3 year old more than anything (I truly do), however he often has the natural gift of making my heart rate and blood pressure go through the roof in a matter of seconds. He knows how to get under my skin, but then quickly makes up for it by doing something abnormally weird or cute.


Here are are the latest things that Hudson does to make me want to drink wine immediately, no matter the time of day...


1. Negotiates Every Single Request: What are you, a car salesman? Stop trying to cut me deals. I said 2 more minutes, not 5, 2!!!!! 


2. Touches Every Germ Infested Object Known to Man:  The escalator rail, door handles, windows, the floor at the mall, bathroom stalls, the list goes on. No matter how many times I remind him, he still persists. His hands (and mine) are raw from washing them so frequently. 


3. Demands His Dad When He's in Trouble With Me: If he's in trouble for his behaviour with me, he's quick to respond, "I want my Daddy" (and visa versa when he's at his dad's). Ughhh, sounds like me when my car breaks down! 


4. Says, "NO" approximately 4827161 times per day: Can't he please just morph into a "Yes Man"? Like, whyyyy is the word NO always their go-to?! I wish I could say no to adulting every day, but NO, thats not an option. 


5. Uses Every Single Stall Tactic in the Book Before Fallig Asleep: "Mommy, I have to go pee again" ... "Mommy, I need one more kiss" ... "Mommy, I can hear animals scratching on my window" (we live in a high rise) ... "Mommy, I need you to fix my socks"... "Mommy, lay with me for one more snuggle and kiss"... Like, how 'bout Mommy needs some wine, so just go to sleep already!


Who can relate?  And then once they're asleep, you miss them and start scrolling through your photo library to look at pictures of them. We are weird!

Ohhh, Mom life! 

Xo Sass