Mom-ing When You're Sick AF: My Top 10 List of Things I'd Rather Do.

I think all moms (and dad's) out there can agree that it should be illegal for us to get sick.  As if our "jobs" aren't difficult enough, we throw an illness on top of it and there are few worse things in life. Seriously. 


As some of you are aware, I was recently lucky enough to receive the stomach flu twice in two weeks. Like, how does one get so fortunate? #blessed

The first time I came down with the flu, it was Spring Break for me, and I basically lost 3 days of my life that I'll never get back. Thankfully my family was around to help with Hudson so that I could rest and focus on recovering. 

I suppose my body didn't feel like the one bout was enough, so it signed up for the second dose. I mean, I should have gone and purchased a lottery ticket, because what are the freaking odds of this even happening? Both times my body was violently angry, and disposed of literally every last ounce it had in it. We're not talking having the sniffles and caring for my son, we're talking WW3 between myself and the toilet. The perfect thing about getting hit the second time was that much of my family and friends were either away or busy. (By the way, I hope you're picking up on all of my sarcasm.) My step-mom helped me out huge by taking Hudson for a few hours the morning following my make-out sesh with the toilet, but other than that, it was Hudson fending for himself. I don't recall what he ate, and lost count of how many times my eyes shut for an extended period of time. When I would awake, he was still spreading his toys throughout our place as if he were seeding a new lawn. I felt like at times I was complying to his requests for playing with him by grabbing things with my toes from the couch and then passing out again. 

Somehow I managed to survive the day and evening, but legitimately there are millions of things in life I would attempt to do before having to go through that again...TWICE.


Here are 10 examples for you...


1. Clean my kitchen and bathroom floors, on all fours, with a toothbrush... between my teeth... for 10 hours

2. Give up wine for an entire month. (You heard me.) 

3. Get a root canal done... sans freezing

4. Listen to a full Donald Trump speech #fakenews

5. Eat wet cat food for dinner

6.  Go through child birth all over again

7.  Listen to the song "Blue" by Eiffel 65 or "Barbie Girl" by Aqua on repeat for a week straight

8. Get stuck in an elevator full of kids

9. Slide the palm of my hand along an abandoned wooden fence with exposed nails

10. Put together an entire bedroom set from ikea... alone... in the dark

... Get the idea?



No matter who you are, and what your circumstances are, no mother (or father) should ever be violently sick when caring for children. It just shouldn't ever have to happen. All I can say is THANK GOD FOR iPADS!!!! #babysittersclub 

Now that I'm feeling better, pass the wine! 

Sass xo


This post is dedicated to every rock star mom and dad out there who has ever had to go through this, and to even the ones who have never had to, because what you do on the daily is incredible. And to those single parents who don't have the luxury of trading off with their partner when things like this happen, you are not alone. It is a helpless feeling, but we only get stronger each and every time.