Picture This...

I've been asked lately about how I manage to capture decent photos of Hudson. Let me tell you, it sure isn't easy. Having said that, it's definitely not impossible.

I think a lot of people are still under the misconception that a "good" picture consists of your kids actually looking at the camera and smiling. I can assure you that the memories will be more genuine if you capture your kids in their adventurous states.

Let me share some pointers with you to help snap some better photos of your cute little ones that are constantly on the move. 

Have a look at some of these and then I'll break down the steps for you. Read on...

Snap them when they're eating or drinking. They tend to sit still(ish) for 30 seconds (give or take).  

I always stand back and pretend I'm playing chase with Hudson. He runs after me and I take a hundred photos in hopes that at least one cute one is captured. 

Walk along side of them while they're struttin. There's nothing cuter than getting a photo of them while they're on a mission (to destroy). 

I'm a bit of a photo stalker. I literally follow him around in hopes that he will turn around. Eventually he does. Bam!

Stand over them while they play. Hudson was digging in the sand (and rocks) here and I just kept snapping away. After some editing it actually turned out to be a cute action shot of him showing me how dirty his hand was. Plus, how cool is the sunnies reflection? That was a total accident!

Get them while they're enjoying some scenery. Ahhhh, the beauty! 

Again, hover over them and hold the camera button. One is sure to look decently cute and innocent!  I love when Hudson looks off into the distance - side profile pics are adorable. 

Peek a boo! Play with your kids and have your camera ready and aimed. 

If you see a good backdrop, have them play around and whip out your phone. I love when they're looking down and in the zone. 

So, your thumb is tired from trying to capture these precious moments, but now it's time to make them look a bit more decent....

Keep reading! 

Step 1: Choose your photo and open up Instagram. Crop it to make it appealing on the eyes. Don't always have your subject/child right smack in the middle (yawn). Mix it up but having them slightly off centred. I have a look at the grid and line him up with the left or right line.  If you can, crop all distractions out from the photo.

Step 2: Choose your filter. I love Valencia for photos of people. It softens everything without completely altering the photo and lighting.

Step 3: Brighten (if you want) the photo. I don't always do this, but sometimes I find it looks better.

Step 4: Sometimes I blur the surrounding area using the tilt shift. I find that it draws the eye more to the subject.

Voila! The end result.

Another angle from the same "shoot" at the park...

Here is a before and after shot of the same photo. I found this brick backdrop outside of Hudson's Bay. 

Essentially, take photo bursts with your iPhone and choose a few that you'd like to work with. Delete the ones that didn't turn out.

Your kids (and followers) will thank me later,

Clarissa xo