Think Big, Shop Small: The Perfect New Year's Resolution

One thing that I have discovered, while on this blogging journey of mine, is that shopping local feels good... so good. Why? I'll lay it all out for you....

Shopping local has so many benefits. Firstly, I would like to tell you that I'm a realist and understand that not everything can be purchased from small local businesses. I'm "guilty" of it, too, at times. So you need a winter parka, you need some boots or shoes, etc. I get it. Like most of you, I purchase these items from chain stores as well. Let me tell you this, though.... 95% of Hudson's wardrobe is from local shops. Why? Keep reading...


1) Quality that you can trust: I have worked with, and purchased from, countless small businesses and you just can't beat the quality that comes with handmade, cared for items. As opposed to factory-made items, handmade items from local shops are designed and produced with love and pride. Many small clothing shops only use organic fabrics that are free from any harsh dyes or chemicals. These fabrics also feel AH-mazing on your kids' skin.

2) Shop from the comfort of your own home: As busy moms, dads, and working folks, it is so hard to get to the mall to shop. Most local shops are web based, so you can shop until you drop in your pajamas, while sipping on wine. Score! Often, local shops will surface at markets, expos, and other pop-up locations if you are not an avid online shopper. {But hello, it is 2015.}

3) Unique items: Harem pants, mini moccasins, trendy tees (specific to your community/region), slouchy beanies, play tents, and handmade/organic bath milks, are among the list of things that are next to impossible to find in chain stores. Before I started shopping local, I wasted countless hours at big box stores trying to locate many items that I just listed. All I wanted a super cute, trendy outfit for my son, but I always returned home unsuccessful. {Blessing in disguise because this is how I entered the online community of "shop local!"}

4) Support local families {as opposed to overpaid CEOs of mega chains}: Wouldn't you love to see more local families who are able to provide a healthy, well-balanced life-style full of activities and happiness for their children? Then shop local!

5) Support local charities: Many small businesses have special ties to local charities and often give back proceeds from each purchase. {As if the shopping in your sweats while drinking wine didnt make you feel good enough!}

6) Local social and economic growth: Keep money in you local economy, rather than dumping money into a multi-national corporation with foreign investments. By supporting families in your own community, you will see this money stay within the area, therefore helping the community to flourish. Essentially, there will be a return on the money you spend. {I realize chain stores create and supply jobs, too, but if you purchase from both small and large, you're sure to at least help keep more money locally.}

7) Owners have natural invested interest at maintaining their business: Because local and small businesses have worked so hard at creating and producing their products, they want to continue to prove that their brand is of excellent quality. They care about their products and invest more time into production of their brand, rather than factory workers who have no invested value in the product or company.

8) Sweat shop free: I saved THE best for last. I realize it's nearly impossible for most of us to purchase everything locally, however, by cutting down on the amount we purchase from large chain stores, we begin to eliminate the demand for sweat shops. The conditions and pay for these workers is downright disgusting. How can we, as a modern, advanced, educated society, condemn such a concept? Can you really dress your children (and yourself for that matter) in clothing made by a child and feel good about it? I hope not. I realize the other side of the argument is that "at least sweat shops provide jobs at all"...... and ......."well at least these people have jobs" but I don't fall into that trap. It's 2015 {almost 16} and these places still exist? Shame on us. Healthy work places should exist for everyone, no matter where they live in this world.


In closing, YAY for social media for allowing a TON of shops to flourish. The more this happens, the more we contribute the the well-being of our own community and economy, while sending the message that sweat shops are not ok. The bonus? A CRAP LOAD of cute, stylish, on-tend, ethically-made, quality clothing for you and your little ones that you will NOT be disappointed in. I find that I am now focusing on shopping local for myself, too. Handmade jewelry and chewelry are my absolute favourite obsession right now.

Kudos to ALL small shop and business owners. Together, we can change the (retail) world!

Shout out to my favourites below whom I have had the pleasure of both working with, and purchasing from. Click away and shop, my friends!

Your kids, community, and local economy will thank me later,

Clarissa xo

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For all your real estate needs, contact Francesco De Frenza. Tell him Childish Fashion referred you to receive a $500 Costco GC on any transaction resulting in a sale.  

For all your real estate needs, contact Francesco De Frenza. Tell him Childish Fashion referred you to receive a $500 Costco GC on any transaction resulting in a sale.