Emotional Attachment to Your Little Ones' Clothing

Your kids, they grow SO fast. I honestly didn't believe how fast this occurs until I had my own son and realized that they literally grow up right before your eyes. As sad as this is alone, we then have to deal with the clothing that they outgrow. This part is SO difficult for me. I despise clutter, so I am always throwing things out, cleaning and creating space, however when it comes to doing this with Hudson's clothing and belongings,  I get really, really emotional. I began to think about why this is happens to me (and I hope I'm not alone)...

1. Symbolic Meaning:

If you're anything like me, you remember exactly who gave you those pieces of clothing and on what occasion, so you want to hold on to these items because they are symbolic of the relationship that your child has with that person. It represents them, their bond, and love.

2. Possibility of Another:

I did this the entire first year of my son, Hudson's, life. I was so keen on having another baby right away. "I'm keeping this for sure for the next one", and, "This will be SO cute whether the next is a boy or a girl". The list of reasons to keep cute baby clothes were endless. (I still only have one child.)

3. Value of Cost and Quality:

For some items, I didn't even personally like them. Either they weren't "my style" or taste, and Hudson didn't even wear them, but the cost and quality of them made me feel like I just HAD to keep them. Perhaps someone I knew was about to get pregnant or have a baby soon, and I would gift it to them? (Yet to happen.)

4. Memory Attachment:

This is probably my number one reason for keeping things of Hudson's. I distinctly remember where he wore specific outfits, or I have vivid memories of things he did while wearing certain sleepers, or onesies, or even a pair of shoes! I just don't have it in me to part with these things, even if they are poop stained and yellow. (Ugghhh.)

5. Just Because:

Sometimes I didn't even have a good reason for my desire to keep things, I just kept them. (Emotional much?!) Oh, and if they even have a HINT of Hudson's "baby smell", it's automatically a keeper.


So, here I am, with two GIGANTIC boxes of clothing that rest in my Dad's work warehouse. I don't see them, I don't look at them, but I just know that they're there and they're mine. I never want the memories of Hudson to fade, and his clothes are, at times, almost as good as photographs for me. They instantly time-warp me to that moment that he wore this or that, and I become the saddest form of happy that one could ever be! (This has me questioning: Am I my own worst enemy?!)

And then I go and do crazy things like this, which only make matters worse for my emotional well-being.

Who else is with me? Pleeeeease tell me I'm not alone.

Don't be misunderstood, I still donate a ton of items to those who are less fortunate. I have donated things from bouncers, to our highchair, to baby bottles, and of course, a ton of clothing. Here is a list of my favourite places to donate to:

Another option is to consign your clothing and gently used items. The local place I recommend is Bobo and Pinky.

So, whatever you decide to do with each and every article of clothing, and toy, and accessory of your child's, I wish you the best of luck. Share this post with new mamas and mamas to-be, so that they know they're not "crazy", and definitely not alone.

Your kids will thank me later,

Clarissa xo

You make me want to hold on to everything that has ever been a part of your existence, because I never want to forget a thing. xo