Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Repair


Coconut oil and honey SAVED MY LIFE! My hair would die (and was dying) without these two products.

After highlighting my hair for years, and then going dark, then back to highlighting (combine this with having a child and having tons of your hair falling out + having to chop and start from scratch), I experimented with so many different hair repairs and masks. I spent so much money on trying various products from salons and drug stores and I swear they do NOT even compare to the results I get after using coconut oil and honey on my hair. 

This all natural hair mask also saved me from those annoying baby hairs that started to grow in like a mowhawk along my hairline and part after having Hudson. 

Here's what to do: 

1 - Combine 1/4 of a cup of coconut oil and 2-3 tablespoons of honey in a small dish or Tupperware container. Shake or mix well. 

2 - Apply to wet hair (I typically do this whole process while leaning over the bathtub, as it can get a bit messy and sticky.) 

3 - Make sure to cover all parts of your head, focusing on problem areas. (for me I apply a lot more to the ends of my hair because they are damaged.)

4 - With your hands, squeeze off any excess moisture and then with an elastic band put your hair in a tight bun on top of your head.  

5 - Cover your head with a towel to keep from getting drips everywhere and to hold in heat. 

6 - Keep the concoction on your head for a minimum of 30 minutes. (Sometimes I keep it on for a few hours, if I have the time.)  

7 - Shampoo and condition your hair. You may find that you want to shampoo twice, as the roots of your hair can appear a bit greasy from the oil if you don't.  

8 - Let your hair air dry, and voila! 

Silky, soft, repaired hair is all yours! I repeat this process once a month, or as my time permits. 

You'll thank me later, 

Sass xo