Reducing the Visible Signs of Aging with Alumience A.G.E. by Alumier

If you want wrinkles, stop reading now! If you want to look younger, keep reading and check out this product that I swear by!!!!


After a few recent posts of mine seeking help with sun spots and aging skin, AlumierMD reached out to me and sent me their Alumience A.G.E. Skin cream. I’ve been using it for just over a month now, and have seen drastic improvements. Sun spots on my cheeks have drastically diminished, and my 37 year old wrinkles are way more fine and hard to see than they were prior to using the cream. I mean, being Benjamin Button is not a realistic option, but this cream sure is. 



About AlumierMD

With over 100 years of combined skincare experience, AlimierMD experts understand the physiology behind different skin types and conditions to help their clients achieve a youthful glow. 

AlumierMD prides themselves in sustainably caring for our environment, and therefore uses all recycled materials for packaging, without cellophane wrapping. Products are not tested on animals, and use natural, biodegradable agents that do not affect marine wildlife. 



Check them out, and you’ll be sure to see results like I did! 

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