The Real Reason I'm Sick All the Time

I've been posting a lot recently about Hudson being sick, and then me being sick. I receive countless messages of concern, suggestions, and sincere love, so for all of you, thank you.  


As I have been off of work today sick (again), I was in bed reflecting on why I have been struck with so many viruses lately, so I decided to let you all know my secret... 


First and foremost, I am a mom to a 3 year old. A 3 year old who goes to pre-school 3 days/week in a classroom filled with 22 kids and several teachers. Germs are passed at nearly every second of the day. Hudson picks something up, he brings it home. I am an affectionate person, and so is Hudson. We kiss and cuddle, and I never want to stop doing those things, even if he's a snotty, germ-infested pre-schooler, so we exchange germs, too. 


Secondly, I am a teacher. I see 120 teenagers in my classroom every single day. That's not counting the hundreds I pass in the hall, and the countless door handles I encounter every day, on top of sharing facilities with over 100 staff members. 


Thirdly, I am a single parent who works full time, runs a blog, works out 3-4 times per week, and tries to incorporate as many fun adventures with my son for the two of us to look back on. On top of those things, there's the usual laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cooking, packing lunches, oh and p l a y i n g. 


Everyone who knows me knows that I am a clean freak. I wipe and disinfect daily, and most of my friends and family know that my cleaning sometimes (ok, nearly all of the time) gets in the way of my relaxation time. Having said that, I am a person who needs 8 hours of sleep or more every night. When I put Hudson to sleep at night, I retire shortly after. (That's not to say I achieve the optimal 8 hours, because often he's sick and I tend to him throughout the night.) 


I eat healthy (mostly greens and fresh food, eggs, shakes and smoothies, fish, some chicken, and I drink a TON of water) and  I take a multivitamin every morning.  


Hudson and I are active outdoor people; we hike, go for long walks, nature adventures, and spend time outside playing sports whenever we can/when it's not raining here in Vancouver.  


So, when people are concerned for me and offer help and advice: you should do this, or add this to your diet, or eliminate that... nope, sorry. It's called being a mom, a very, v e r y busy mom, who (at times) is overworked, over tired, and who is merely juggling all that's on her plate. Like every phase in life, this will pass, and I am not worried about it. 


Thanks for everyone's sweet messages and for those who consitantly check in on me! It's nice to know people care.  


Much love,  


Sass xo