Inside Hudson's Drawers

A new, fresh house and room for Hudson meant re-organizing all of his clothes and bathroom things; something that gave me way too much satisfaction and joy doing. (I'm weird. I mean, did you read the title of this post? I hope people understand my extreme sarcasm and constant play on words.)

Here's a glimpse into his closet + drawers, and his bathroom drawers, too. Staying organized and clutter-free are serious goals for me. I hope I inspire you to do this for your kiddos, too! 


~ B e d r o o m ~ 

Thank goodness Hudson's dresser fit in the closet, as it didn't match the monochrome theme I had in mind. 

Coats and sweaters hanging, shoes on the floor where it's nice and easy for him to put them away neatly. 

Pullovers, tees and tanks in the top drawer.  

Accessories, shorts, and pants in the second drawer.  

PJs, underwear, socks, scarves, and beanies in the bottom drawer.  

Stuffies in his IKEA storage box. 

Haven't found anything to put in this storage box yet. 


~ B a t h r o o m ~  

Lotion, baby shampoo, sunscreen, toilet paper, toothpaste + toothbrushes, and towels in the top drawer. 

Bath toys, night time pull-ups, washcloths and toilet training seat (which he sometimes uses for #2s!) in the bottom drawer. 

What are you waiting for? Go get organized! 

Your kids will thank me later,

Clarissa xo