My Current (Non-Mom) Playlist


Aside from listening to the PAW Patrol theme song while Hudson watches his beloved show, I do like to switch things up and listen to beats that make me feel like I can conquer all that has to be done in the run of a day. 

I recently downloaded Spotify (finally), and I'm focusing on staying in touch with current songs. This is definitely something that fell by the wayside after becoming a mom, but I really feel that it's important for the soul to stay fresh and young, and feel like I'm still keeping my sense of self. 


Don't get me wrong, I love me some good 80's, 90's, and other music from my past, as well as Hudson's favourite kiddy songs, but I also have a huge weakness for modern music that makes me feel like I'm still youthful and cool. Hopefully I encourage you to download some current music so that you don't lose your swag. 

Shoes:  Nike  Fitsole // Leggings + Sports Bra:  Lululemon  

Shoes: Nike Fitsole // Leggings + Sports Bra: Lululemon 

You'll thank me later,  

Sass xo