30 Minute Sweat + Swear


I have been dying to be more consistent with my workouts, and since becoming a single mom I've found it even tougher to find the time. I figured if I start wrangling other interested people, we can motivate one another and increase accountability. 


My goal is to work out 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes. I have to keep things reasonable and realistic, as my life (and I'm sure yours is, too) is busy and hectic. Trust me, I'll probably be swearing while I'm sweating, but I'll feel so much  e f f i n  better at the end of each session. 

Let's share our successes and our hardships, and become a healthier version of ourselves! 


What you'll need to start:

- Beach Body On Demand's free 30 day trial app

- 2 light weights

- 2 medium weights  

- a resistance band

- yoga or workout mat


What to expect from me:

Sweaty videos, photos, stories, and updates from me. I'll be recommending favourite workouts from Beach Body On Demand, and I'll be connecting with everyone participating so that we can spread motivation and keep going. I'll be tagging people in our group in my sweaty pics and Instagram stories, and prompting people to share their recent workouts, struggles, and successes. If you have a favourite workout video, share it with our tribe. If you need extra motivation one day, comment and our tribe will give you the push you need!!! 



Let's challenge ourselves to 30 days (minimum), since the app is free for 30 days, and then we can continue on (if desired), as I'm sure our bodies and minds will be loving it. That's 12-16 workouts... totally doable! Let's do this!!! 


Our first week will commence Monday, February 6, 2017


Who's in? Come sweat and swear with me and our growing tribe! DM me on Instagram @lifewithsass or comment below, so that we can connect and chat!


You'll thank me later, 

Sass xo


Photos: Nicholas Ram Photography 


 {I have to give partial credit to Jenna Rae Fitness  for giving me the push I needed for this new adventure. We recently connected on Instagram, and she is truly a beautiful soul. Thank you for your kind words and inspiration, Jenna Rae!}