Why I'll Never Use Toothpaste Again!!!

Ok, so Hudson and I have both been using a new product and I couldn't not tell you guys about it.  But first, let me tell you a little story... 



A few months back, I had a very scary incident happen while using toothpaste. I had put the toothpaste on my toothbrush, and was just about to insert the brush into my mouth, when the toothbrush fell, sending the toothpaste flying directly to the back of my esophagus. Other than contractions during labour, I'm not sure I've ever felt pain that excruciating. It felt like my entire throat was on fire, burning and destroying my inner airways. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't swallow. I couldn't speak.  I was home with Hudson, my 3.5 year old, and I remember him being petrified. At times I felt like calling 911, but I thought it was silly. "Toothpaste! This all happened because of harmless TOOTHPASTE!" It took about 2 hours for me to feel semi-human again. I had chugged milk, eaten bread, tirelessly sipped on water, and nothing healed the feeling other than the passing of time. 


After this mishap, I couldn't help but do some research on traditional toothpaste and what I discovered was actually disturbing. There are SO many harmful, and toxic ingredients in toothpaste, yet we as consumers have just blindly been trusting these manufacturers. I mean, we grew up brushing our teeth with toothpaste; it's an every day event, and yet we don't really think about what we are putting in our mouths several times every single day. I was dumbfounded. 


After resisting the transition from toddler-safe (aka non-fluoride) toothpaste to a fluoride one for Hudson due to paranoia on my behalf, I came across this product and it saved the day!!!


We've both been using the CuraSil Antibacterial Toothgel and Mouth Rinse for a few weeks now. It has completely replaced my traditional toothpaste, as well as Hudson's kid friendly toothpaste. 


Here's why we're sold on this product: 

1 - It was developed by a dentist and is dentist recommended 

2 - It is Health Canada approved

3 - It is all natural and safe for kids to ingest

4 - It accelerates healing or any sores in the mouth and/or on skin and lowers infection rate

5 - It has zero chemicals, fluoride, or other harmful ingredients 




So, if you've been looking for a new toothpaste, or just happened to read this and now want to make the switch, click here to find a natural health retailer near you, or place an order online.


Trust me, you won't turn back!


Sass xo