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My squint line prior to treatment

My squint line prior to treatment

I was SO fortunate to partner with JUVÉDERM® and Allergan Canada in the last few months of 2018. Being 39, I’ve been self-conscious of some wrinkles on my face for several years now. Being a squinter and someone who uses a ton of facial expressions when talking, I had a deep line between my eyebrows, and a few forehead wrinkles. When I would see photos of myself I always wished those just weren’t there. Fillers were something I’d wanted to try for quite some time, but I was busy being a working mom and just kept putting it off. Another reason that held me back was just not knowing where to go.

All of my lines before I

All of my lines before I


I had THE most amazing experience with Dr. Humphrey at Caruthers and Humphrey Cosmetic Dermatology here in Vancouver, BC. 


What is JUVÉDERM®, you ask? I’ve got all your answers for you!

  • JUVÉDERM® is the #1 doctor recommended facial filler in Canada and worldwide

  • Results can last up to 24 hours, depending on the treatment

  • Each JUVÉDERM® product serves its own unique purpose, whether it’s to smooth away wrinkles, restore volume for a gentle lifting effect or to reshape and redefine the lips

  • Made by Allergan, the global market leader in the medical aesthetics market, with over 60 years’ commitment to stringent product manufacturing

  • JUVÉDERM® products contain lidocaine, a pain reliever that allows you to be more comfortable during and after treatment

My Consultation Experience:


Dr. Humphrey’s team was so warm and welcoming when I stepped into their space. I was a little nervous, but with their friendly hellos and comfortable hospitality, I was quickly calm, relaxed, and excited to take-on this adventure.  I was shown to a room with THE most stunning view in the city! After having a few minutes to “oooh" and “awe” I was greeted by the sweetest nurse who walked me through what the next few hours would look like. She also took my before photos, which were compared with my after photos at my follow-up appointment.


Next, the lovely Dr. Shannon Humphrey introduced herself and privately spoke to me about what my vision was for my treatments. This consultation process assured me that I was in the driver’s seat. I was the one dictating what I wanted to have done, and it was a chance for Dr. Humphrey to also make some suggestions. I was open to her feedback, but also stuck to my gut feeling in what I wanted to modify, and what I wanted to stay the same. She was great!


The Treatments Dr. Humphrey and I Collectively Decided On:

  • Wrinkle Reducing Injections (forehead)

  • Volite (throughout face)

  • Volift (cheekbones)


The nurse came back to put freezing gel on my face and to prepare the room. Once I could feel my lips and portions of my face freezing, I was more at ease about the needles that I was next faced with - ha, get it?

I can’t get over the stunning view of the city!

I can’t get over the stunning view of the city!

My Treatment Experience:  

Winkle Reducing Injections

  • 4-5 needles in my forehead

  • next to painless

  • took 1 minute


  • ~2-3 needles per cheekbone

  • felt slight pain, but not bad at all

  • took 1-2 minutes


  • ~20 needles throughout the face

  • felt pain, some needles more so than others, but overall not too bad

  • took ~ 5-10 minutes


Throughout the treatment process, Dr. Humphrey continuously ensured me I was the one in control. She made me comfortable in requesting breaks here and there when I needed them, and spoke to me the entire process. It was a great distraction, but also a very organic interaction with her.

Once everything was complete, the nurse provided me with frozen peas, which I let rest on my face for about 5 minutes. This helped to soothe the tenderness I felt from the needles and gave me a chance to relax in the room and soak in the stunning view some more.  

The Follow-up Appointment:  


After 3-4 weeks, I headed back to see Dr. Humphrey and the team for my follow-up appointment. The nurse first took my after photos and then I sat in the lovely room with the view again, waiting for Dr. Humphrey to come chat with me. She looked at my face and the results and walked me through the changes she noticed. She and I were so pleased with how the wrinkle between my eyebrows had completely diminished, how the wrinkles in my forehead were gone, and how glowing my face looked.



So, after my amazing experience, I want to express the importance of setting time aside for us, the busy moms, working women, and men out there! If there’s something you feel would make you more confident, go for it. There is no hesitation on my end when I now recommend fillers. I’m so, so happy with my results, and when I see photos of myself, it’s exciting to see the wrinkles I once worried about now invisible to my eyes! 

If you have questions about anything related to this post, my treatments, or my experience, please don’t hesitate to send me an email! I would love to connect with you and answer and curiosities you may have.  

Sass xo





Trying my best to squint, but I just can’t!

Trying my best to squint, but I just can’t!

So happy with my results!

So happy with my results!