THE Best Tinted Facial Sunscreen


I’ve struggled for years with finding a sunscreen for my face. Everything I’ve tried has either been too greasy or too heavy and then I always ran into the problem of not being able to put makeup on over top of all of that grease. 

Ladies, have you ever used a primer on your face to diminish fine lines and blemishes before putting on you’re makeup? Well, my Riversol Lightweight Broad Spectrum Sunscreen has replaced my primer. It’s SPF 30 and TINTED! Even if I don’t wear makeup over top of the sunscreen, people think I’m wearing makeup. I’ve had people ask how my skin looks so naturally flawless and glowing. I use all Riversol products, this but one in addition to all of the other products is the cherry on top. Even when I do put makeup on for the day on top of the sunscreen, it doesn’t wear off or look oily like other sunscreens. My makeup lasts all day! 

I guarantee you’ll be hooked if you try it!    

Did you also also know that you can order a FREE 15 day sample kit online. No credit card required, Riversol is just THAT confident in their products. If you try them, you’ll love them! I’m obsessed with everything of theirs and I tell everyone I know about this Vancouver-based skincare line. I won’t use anything else on my face. 


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Your face will thank me later, 


Sass xo