Why I Chose To Cry on Social Media Today



If you viewed my Instagram stories from today, you probably witnessed me at one of my most emotionally vulnerable states. I mean, it's not every day that I cry on social media (because do we really need more Kim Kardashian "ugly cry face" photos or videos?), but I was SO happy that I did.


You see, there are times, as a blogger, that I doubt myself...

"Should I post this?"

"Should I not post this?"

"Is this ok to talk about, or should this be kept private?"


I mean, there is literally thought and intention behind every single photo, every single blog post, every single story. Today, it just felt right to share my raw, organic side


As most of you know, I often write about my single mom journey. I share adversities and successes, and I try to stay as positive as possible, especially for my son. Along the way, I have received messages from fellow single moms from as far as Australia. I've chatted with countless women, and even single dads, about challenges we're faced with and how to overcome them. It's still so mind-boggling for me to think about how powerfully beneficial social media can be.


Today, I received a direct message on Instagram, and the timing was incredible. In the past few days, I have had a vision of executing a way to some-how connect single moms from all over, however once again, I was doubting myself...

"Would this actually work?"

"Would people listen to me?"

"Do people realistically value my insight?"


Then today, someone spoke to me...


"Hi, my name is, Stacey (alias), and I've been following your feed for a while now. I'm seeking advice as a new mom, and newly single mom. I look up to you, although I've never met you, because you're confident, independent, and a single mom, too. I love your blog and what you do, and you seem like an incredible mama!"


My heart dropped. I sobbed. 


I was literally putting out vibes to the universe for my "single mom vision", and she answered. She heard me, and she reached out to me. Any ounce of doubt I had about this possible project that I have been envisioning instantly vanished in the moment that Stacey messaged me.


We chatted for about an hour on Instagram and felt a connection. We have planned to meet this Sunday. I told her I just want to hug her and let her know she's not alone.


On Sunday, I will listen. I will listen to what she wants to talk to me about, and I will support her in any way I possibly can.


I continued to cry, even after Stacey and I said our goodbyes, so I decided to take to Instagram stories to show my followers how emotional I was. I was in a vulnerable state, and I wanted people to see that.


I then continued to receive more messages and chatted with single moms from Iowa, from here in Vancouver, and another from Ontario. Each of them had the sweetest things to say to me, which was SO humbling. I feel immensely thankful that I keep listening to my gut and rejecting my doubt, because its situations like that when beautiful things happen. This is when I feel most empowered and grateful. This is when I want to help others, and reach out to as many people as possible. This is what life is all about.


I cannot thank each of the ladies enough who reached out today (and every day). Because of you all, great things are on the horizon, and I will continue to show my followers the real me - all of me - the silly, sarcastic, emotional, independent, sometimes-struggling, overly-busy me.


I love you all so much and thank you for your continued support,

Sass xo


Ps, I know the photos aren't of good quality, but they are direct screenshots from the videos I took while posting to my Instagram stories. These are real, and they represent a lot of who I am.